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I wanted to share with you a success, that came from a long string of small successes that started with the redesign of my website, which led to a new client here which led to a new client there which led me to giving a talk where a friend of a friend introduced me to a legendary business founder and conservationist, who was in the audience.

That talk eventually led me to a speaking opportunity at his company’s corporate HQ, which in turn has opened up a vast number of new opportunities. He wrote a wonderful testimonial for me and it’s a highlight to be able to showcase it on my website at

My point: thanks for helping define the vision of my website – and encouraging me to build it piece by piece.

Ryan Jordan
Backpacking Light Magazine

Testimonial from Hildy Gottlieb

PLEASE don’t ever stop talking to me – when my business is up and running full on – with a storefront – YOU will be the method behind the madness!!!

Thank YOU for your blog!!!


Thanks for the GREAT workshop.
Dee is going to help me set up a facebook page for the Chamber.
Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Carol Pike
Executive Director
Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Columbia Falls, Montana

Another one of Mark’s e-newsletters has arrived in my mailbox. As I tend to do, I ignore all the other missives in my email “marketing” folder and head straight for his sage advice. And when I finish reading his bite-size kernel of wisdom, I am once again thinking, “Mark is so good at getting right to what matters. I get SOOO much from each of his missives!”

I love marketing. I read about it, look for other experts in it, put their wisdom into practice and share my own. And when it comes to simple, common-sense, HUGELY effective, engaged marketing, Mark is perhaps the wisest person I know.

So do yourself a favor and sign up for anything Mark offers (much of it is free – go ahead – do it now – I’ll wait…). And then hire him to help you make your business as effective as you can dream it can be – and more. Really.

Hildy Gottlieb
Help 4 NonProfits Community-Driven Institute
Tucson, AZ

More from Hildy…

You have, as always, pushed me to figure out how I can do what I’ve known I need to do, but have just kept putting out of my mind, letting obstacles stop me. Spent a good deal of meditation time over the past two days, and have found the path – and you pushed me to it.

As I develop my thinking, I will keep you posted.  But for now, thank you, as always.

Hildy Gottlieb
Help 4 NonProfits Community-Driven Institute
Tucson, AZ

Easy, straightforward, and brilliant at marketing and planning … that’s Mark Riffey. He is the one I go to when my firm needs business advice or a clearer perspective on the road ahead. And unlike most consultants, you’d actually want to bring him home to have dinner with your family. There are lots of great marketeers out there – few of them are great people as well. I give Mark my unconditional recommendation!

Renata Rafferty
Rafferty Consulting Group
Indian Wells, CA

If you enjoy working with marketing firms that don’t produce much by way or results, but truly shine when producing an invoice, please stop reading now.

If you like working with consultants that are better at promoting their business than promoting yours, you may want to look elsewhere.

However, if neither of those things appeals to you, then working with Mark Riffey might just be exactly what your business needs.

My wife & I met Mark in early 2007 after signing up for the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle (GKIC) newsletter. He is the “No B.S. Business Advisor” for Montana and runs the GKIC chapter meetings in Billings.

Our neighbors and customers have noticed that we have become a lot busier over the past year and we are asked at least once a week, “Why do you think that is?” A large part can be attributed to Mark. His ability to help us focus on things that will grow our business and weed out the time and money wasting ideas has been indispensable.

So what makes Mark different? Well…

1) Mark has owned, grown and sold his own small businesses.
2) Mark’s advice is straight forward and easily implemented. He doesn’t waste time with theory or outdated textbook ideas.
3) Mark does not rest on his accomplishments. He is always learning new things from some of the biggest names in the business.
4) Mark is honest. If something isn’t right for you, he’ll say so, even if it means less money in his pocket.

This year will be our best yet and we can give a lot of credit to Mark’s wisdom.

Joel Gargaro
Rock Creek Coffee
Billings MT

I doubt that there are many small software company issues that Mark has not seen and solved.

Charles Mills
Principal Moderator, SoftwareCEO

Charles Mills Consulting

Former CEO, Firesign Software

Sure is great to see my thoughts so well executed !

Michael Brooks
Enercalc Software
Corona del Mar, CA

I met Mark in early 2007 and our business hasn’t been the same since. He is a constant source of very useful marketing ideas that show immediate results. Mark is also exceptional at nudging you along to improve your business even when you’re thinking, “I don’t want to do that, it might be hard.” What kind of results have we gotten working with Mark? August 2007 was our best month ever and we grew over 50% from August 2006.

Joel Gargaro
Rock Creek Coffee
Billings MT

We have worked with Mark Riffey of Rescue Marketing for three years and have been incredibly satisfied. Mark is one of the most honest people I know. When he recommends something or offers assistance, I can trust what he says. Oh, did I also say he’s really smart? Check out Mark’s website Mark offers assistance business analysis, marketing, management, web site site design and support, among many other services. He also has the advantage that he knows the portrait photography industry from a previous photography related business that he started and sold several years ago.

Thad and Susan Moore
Wicker By Design
Durham, NC

You are truly one of the most SPECIAL of the SPECIAL people in the Valley. I appreciate all you do to make this Valley a progressive and wonderful place. I like emotionally intelligent people with brains.

Liz Marchi
Former Executive Director, Montana West Economic Development / Jobs Now!
Fund Coordinator, Frontier Angels

Polson, MT

Mark, You saved our bacon!

Scott Weaver
President, First Citizens Bank
Columbia Falls MT

BTW, I don’t tell you often enough, but I really enjoy your newsletter, and get useful bits and pieces out of it all the time. When <so and so> was asking for marketing folks a while back, I told her that she should not pass go, and should hire you immediately.

Thanks, Mark!!!

Hildy Gottlieb
The Community-Driven Institute at Help 4 NonProfits
Changing the World / Creating the Future

We are very happy with the CCAP (program) with the improvements you have made to it. The Child Welfare League Conference had much less attendance than expected, probably because of the snow storm that hit on Sunday. However, many, many people did come by our booth. Every one who we showed the program to was impressed by it. Yes, everyone. This program really is a home run. We felt the conference was successful and are really happy about the feedback from people who saw the product.
Dr. Joel Kimmel
Kimmel and Associates Mental Health

I found your feedback incredibly helpful and appreciated the time and effort that you spent in making your message to me so effective and clear. It was a great help to me. Thanks again!
Jeremiah Webb
Glendale, AZ

Your solution was great. I would absolutely use your services again.
Andrew G. Bullen, President
IES Ltd.
Midland Park NJ

You ROCK!! Great article, great newsletters. You really have a gift for communicating succinctly, a quality I deeply appreciate. Thanks so much.
Susan Berkley
The voice of “Thank you for calling AT&T”

I consider you the expert in the marketing particularly in this product line. And I trust your opinion and integrity greatly. You are uniquely qualified for this job.
Lynn Howard
Linked Software (
Frankston, Texas

I’ve learned more from Mark than I did in kindergarten. Seriously, in lots of situations I think to myself: “wwmd?” (what would Mark do?) and yeah, that’s a big compliment.
Leroy Schulz
Frost Bytes Development Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta

Many thanks, we are already delighted. You are right; this frees me to do a ton of new things.
Thad Moore
Wicker By Design
Durham, North Carolina

Mark, Thanks so much for the info. It just never occurred to us to do what you suggested. Thanks so much for the suggestion. You know how it is sometimes you just can’t see the obvious. Really appreciate your insight. I owe you one.
Susan Bartkoski
Gold Magic, LLC
Columbia Falls, Montana

Our website has been working great and very reliable!
Curt Reese
Monument Motors
Monument, Colorado

Things have been going great with our website and we get lots of compliments on it!! Thanks for your continuing support!
Curt Reese
Monument Motors
Monument, Colorado

Thank you for the excellent support you have provided through the years. We really appreciate all your expertise!
Curt Reese
Monument Motors
Monument, Colorado