Strategic help for businesses

Sleepless nights?

If you’re suffering through sleepless nights over falling profits or the frustration of growing pains, I can help.

I help stagnant and shrinking businesses stop the bleeding and start growing again.

Usually this involves fixing broken marketing messages and ineffective sales processes. Quite often, it means getting you back in the habit of communicating with your customers – with a message they actually want to hear.

Someone once said that “sales cure everything”. Perhaps…for a little while.

A short term burst of sales might buy you time to solve problems and perhaps give you the resources you need to get back to growing, but it doesn’t cure the fundamental business problems that caused the stagnation in the first place.

I help growing businesses solve the problems that come with growth.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your revenue grew without your costs increasing at the same rate?

Your staff, your operations and your paper trail need to become more automated, more streamlined and more productive if you want to keep costs under control as your business grows – without turning your business into one of those annoying “Press 1 to be ignored” kinds of places.

If you don’t streamline these things, continuing to grow will get tougher. Your business can easily crumble under the weight of demands from new customers, staff and infrastructure.

10% survive after 5 years, 5% survive after 10 years, 15% reach a million.

You’ve probably heard that only 10% of businesses survive 5 years. A related statistic is that only 5% of new business survive 10 years.

Here’s a statistic you may not have heard. Only 15% of all businesses reach $1 million in revenue. My software company did all 3 things. It helps to have someone on your side who has been there.

Most of my clients these days are small businesses that want to be larger, more profitable and more successful – but without the owner having to work 100 hours a week.

Primarily, that involves Rescue-ing them from themselves: Cleaning up their marketing, systemizing the business so that anyone can do the grunt work, focusing the owner on what they should be working on, and integrating technology throughout their company where it makes sense – including getting their business on the internet in a way that benefits the company and its clients.

My best clients get an opportunity to take advantage of a limited number of slots in my “Trusted Advisor” program. They’re limited because I only have so much time for this kind of one-on-one attention.

As your Trusted Advisor, I’ll poke around in the nooks and crannies of your business like a nosy in-law (mine don’t do that and are very nice, by the way). In addition, this process helps you to look beyond the mental barriers keeping you from thinking big and taking massive action to benefit you, your family, your staff and your business. Accountability is an important part of this program, but it’s far more substantial than that.

I really enjoy helping business owners take their company to new levels of success.

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PPS: Software entrepreneurs: Despite all the talk about helping small businesses, I’m still very active in the software world.